Architectural Committee



Ray Kincade


Committee Members

Anne Brown

Greg Meyers

Margenia Wicker

Larry Wagner, painting


The Architectural Committee (AC) is a volunteer committee that reports to the VHC HOA Board of Directors. Its function is to review on a case-by-case basis the design, construction, modification to and maintenance of homes within VHC.

Architectural Committee Mission Statement: To preserve and protect property values within the neighborhood, the mission of the Committee is (a) to ensure that improvements proposed for installation, replacement, or construction on any lot are compatible and harmonize with the architectural scheme of the neighborhood, and comply with the Declarations and rules, regulations and guidelines of the Association, and (b) when delegated by the Board of Directors to enforce compliance with such Declarations, rules, regulations and guidelines dealing with construction and/or maintenance of lots or improvements thereon.

Home Improvements: To protect each individual homeowner's rights and values, it is necessary that any homeowner considering improvements and/or change to the exterior of their property or dwelling, submit a request to the Villas Architectural Committee chairman for approval. The Committee will normally review and respond to requests within 7 to 10 days but depending on complexity of request has up to 30 days to approve or deny. Please note that any changes not submitted to the committee or approved by said committee, the Board of Directors has the right to request the homeowner remove the improvement and/or change the property. New Construction: The Architectural Committee will work with new homeowners and their contractors to complete construction in accordance to the rules and guidelines of the subdivision.

Please submit your request in writing to the AC chairman.

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